18 Thoughts You Have During Recruitment

With sorority recruitment coming up, every Greek girl is finding the perfect outfit, practicing recruitment songs and secretly dreading having to stand in heels for 12 hours a day.

Everyone is excited to get a perfect new member class and find the next member of their family — not to mention getting even closer with their current sisters.

Read about the 18 thoughts every sorority girl has while recruiting in my article for The Odyssey Online.

18 Thoughts You Have During Recruitment


Thoughts of a Second Semester Senior

With spring semester rapidly approaching, every senior is feeling mixed emotions. They are excited to get back to school and make the most out of their last four months before they have to enter the real world. They are also feeling a mixture of sadness and pure freak out about having to become a full-fledged adult. Read  about the 16 things a second semester senior thinks in my article for The Odyssey Online!

Thoughts of a Second Semester Senior

7 Things Better Than Going Out This Weekend

College is a time to learn and to have fun. There is no other time where it is acceptable to drink on a Wednesday at noon (if you are of age), or go out every night during homecoming. However, sometimes you just don’t feel like putting pants on, pushing your boobs up and applying makeup. So, read the seven things that are better than going out this weekend in my article for The Odyssey Online.

7 Things Better than Going Out this Weekend

Chivalry Is Not Dead In A World Full Of Feminists

Is chivalry dead? Women say it is. Men say, if women want to be treated equally, then why should men open doors and carry bags? Feminism is on the rise. People everywhere, women and men, have come forward proclaiming to be feminists and standing up for equality of the sexes. But how did wanting equality turn into killing chivalry?

Just because women want equality does not mean they want men to lose respect. Read the five acts of chivalry that should not die just because feminism is on the rise in my article for the The Odyssey Online.

Chivalry is Not Dead in a World Full of Feminists

How To Handle Your Family’s Questions Over Break

With finals coming to an end, students everywhere are counting down the days until they go home. They cannot wait to sit on their couches, eat food that doesn’t come from a dining hall, and snuggle with pets while watching endless hours of Netflix. However, being home is not always relaxing. The minute you get through the door and gather with family for the holidays, the dreaded questions start pouring in. Here are some commonly asked questions you may encounter this winter break and how to answer them.

How To Handle Your Family’s Questions Over Break

12 Things to Thank Your Ex For

Going through a breakup is hard, and unless you marry the first person you make out with, you are bound to go through one at least once. Some relationships end because of cheating, distance or the simple fact that you two grew apart. You may hate your ex, still love them, are still friends or haven’t spoken in ages, but the truth is, the time you were in a relationship with them was special. Things may have ended well or horribly, but nonetheless, you walked away knowing more about yourself than you did when you started the relationship.

Read my article for The Odyssey Online to learn the 12 Things to Thank Your Ex For.

The Pizzas of College Park

Pizza has always been a staple in College Park. Students, faculty and visitors of the University of Maryland often pick one of the many pizza places for lunch, dinner or a late-night snack. There are more than 12 pizza places within three miles of the University’s campus, making pizza a popular and convenient choice.

The most popular places, according to students, are Slices, Pizza Kingdom, Ratsies and the newcomer, Blaze Pizza.

Read more in my article for The Odyssey Online!

The Pizzas of College Park