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Putin’s Chef Suspected of Funding Fake News Operation

CNN Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of GOP Tax Plans

Diabetes Medication Could Be Available in Pill Form

Sex Sting Leads to 277 Arrests in Florida

Donald Trump’s 10 Biggest Beefs

Donald Trump is known for his brutal honesty and it’s one of the reasons he’s been attracting fans and followers.

The business mogul-turned-GOP front-runner is not shy about speaking his mind, even if it means starting a battle — and even if it means taking on the likes of Pope Francis. He has gone head-to-head with politicians, celebrities and everyone in between, and has rounded up some of his best feuds. Take a look.

Trump’s 10 Biggest Beefs

Brutal South Carolina Primary Moments

The South Carolina primary is just days away, and the claws are coming out among the GOP candidates. The state has quite the reputation when it comes to presidential campaigns. Known for its history of mudslinging, whisper campaigns and vicious rumors, all eyes are on the newest candidates to see what scandals could arise.

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The Mud in the Low Country is Deep